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The Million Hours Milestone

Sergio Díaz-Miguel Coca

With streaming up 57% in the first quarter of this year, Teltoo has achieved new peaks in performances.

Due to our recent deployments and the increased traffic consumption, Teltoo has been managing over one million hours of playback content every week.

It may be just a number, but it is in our belief that this positions Teltoo as one of the largest peer-to-peer deployments for professional OTT streaming to date. And most importantly this also helps us get one step closer to our mission: change the paradigm in live video streaming to ensure the most sustainable traffic growth at the pace that is needed.

We have already reached that goal for our current customers by trespassing the > 50% offload barrier and becoming their primary technology when delivering live content as opposed to traditional CDN solutions. Teltoo is now an essential part of the workflow of some of the biggest broadcasters in Europe and Latam.

The next step is to encourage wider, worldwide adoption, country by country, ISP by ISP, and customer by customer. Thus, we will be pushing for the client-server paradigm to change and for most live OTT streaming to benefit more sustainably from the resources available on the network.

About the author

Sergio is co-founder & CPO of Teltoo, whose software-only decentralized video delivery technology helps live-streaming providers to improve quality and optimize delivery costs. Passionate coder since the early age of 12. He has 15+ years of experience in high tech R&D in the Telecommunication industry. Passionate about turning research efforts into early impact market products. Example of such are rock solid radio communication systems, innovative robotic interfaces and massive audience video delivery networks. Sergio holds a MSc. in Telecommunication Engineering with stages in five different universities world wide.