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Teltoo names Acanto | Teknos as their Regional Distributor of Streaming Technology

José D. Vázquez

P2P (peer-to-peer) video service provider expects to grow in Latin America through partners with high specialization in these markets.

Teltoo with offices in Madrid, Spain and in Louisville, Colorado, is positioned as the niche player with a new global standard for live streaming.

With more than five years in the market, Pablo Hesse, CEO of the innovative company says, “We are a company that is growing organically in the region. Our goal is to reinvent the way content moves between people and devices. We have the team and the technology to decentralize the demand for streaming with a simple 30 minute implementation. It does not require previous developments and adjusts to existing workflows. This in no way creates interruptions towards consumers”.

Video streaming is predicted to represent 82% of total Internet traffic by 2021 and Teltoo expects to lead the live streaming management share.

Along the same lines, Acanto | Teknos, integrator and regional niche technology platform accentuates its differentiating offer. Nibaldo Foix, Commercial Manager for Chile, Peru and Bolivia, comments, “We are convinced that projects gain more value when they are executed with high impact solutions. Especially when solving central issues such as communication. That is why we chose to formalize this alliance to help operators and content owners solve centralization issues and challenges in their video delivery”.

Hesse adds, “through a CDN solution, companies will be able to have greater bandwidth capacity during moments with audience peaks to guarantee a smooth user experience, while optimizing distribution costs. This through controls and integral dashboards, with the aim of optimizing the network to the points of bandwidth, reducing costs and achieving a better quality of service”.

Teltoo’s technology integrates on the video players of our customers (OTT platforms, broadcasters, or telecommunications companies) and from there it connects to the main server. This server monitors and tracks the network, identifying the best sources available to deliver video segments to each viewer, upon request. The high value of this technology is that video segments are not only downloaded from the CDN, but it also involves the viewer’s devices to increase the number of potential sources. This way buffering is killed.

Foix, says, “In this sense, with these technical characteristics we will develop a specialization offer through our local and regional operators, who, by their core business, have the skills and capability to create high-value projects that solve the live video communication gap”.

Teltoo, through Acanto | Teknos will develop the recruitment and enlistment process in the main operators, in the mentioned countries. Driving the key benefits of better quality of service, saving up to 85% of CDN download at traffic points and flexibility in live streaming control. Global sponsors, Liberty Global, Telefónica Global and UP Ramp.

Therefore, both business partners expect to strongly position the technology in the next semester and have their Kick Off for the second quarter of 2020 in Chile.

About the author

José is part of the Teltoo team, whose software-only decentralized video delivery technology helps live-streaming providers to improve quality and optimize delivery costs.