Teltoo Activation Sets

Some of our customers are demanding features to define the different regions or profiles in which to enable Teltoo. This gives them more flexibility and granularity when deciding which devices should start fetching the video from our decentralized video delivery network. Some of the reasons for this are due to networking restrictions in certain rural areas, CDN nodes availabilities or even ISP performances. This is why we have defined and launched the concept of Activation Sets.

Now you can create an Activation Set and give it a name (e.g: “Denver HQ Offices” or “Liverpool Service Group”). Then add a series of features that define which users will belong to that activation set. For example, you can upload a list of IP networks that belong to that Activation Set (e.g: list of IPs in the “Denver HQ Offices” or in the “Liverpool Service Groups”).

Besides, you can freely decide to activate and deactivate a given playlist (either live or VoD asset) only for the Activation Sets that you select, in real-time, and at the moment you want. For example, if you are noticing an overload in a CDN region (e.g: “Liverpool Service Groups”) or dedicated network connection (e.g: “Denver HQ Offices”).

We expect to add new rules to define Activation Sets, apart from IP networks, and we love feedback, so let us know if there is any special rule that would be useful to you.

About the author

Pablo is co-founder & CEO of Teltoo, whose software-only decentralized video delivery technology helps live-streaming providers to improve quality and optimize delivery costs. He has over a decade of experience in sales, business development, marketing, and consulting with companies including Hewlett Packard, Capgemini, and Novartis. He also has an MBA from EADA Business School in Barcelona. Pablo decided to focus on the tech sector because of his passion for connecting ideas around the world. He has become deeply involved in the Colorado tech scene, having moved his business from his hometown of Madrid, Spain to Denver after graduating from the UpRamp Fiterator, an accelerator for later-stage startups. He is also a mentor for startups at the Boomtown Accelerator and EFN.