Getting Started

Getting started with Teltoo is a fast and straightforward process. In the following guide, we’ll go over the steps to get Teltoo set up and running.

 1. Setting your video playlists

For Teltoo to distribute video through the P2P network, the system has to know the video playlists in advance. 

To set up the first playlist, go to the dashboard. Once in the dashboard, go to the Control Panel and scroll down to Playlist Activation. You should find the following panel:

To add a playlist, click the “Add other playlist” button. This will open the following input display:

First, give the playlist a name. This can help identify your playlist when analyzing the usage in the explore panel. 

Next, add the playlist. Teltoo will only offload CDN traffic from the playlists indicated here. Finally, click the toggle next to the playlist to activate this playlist. This box enables the analysis of traffic on video players with the script and the delivery through Teltoo.

 2. Add the script to your player

Teltoo works connecting with the player to provide video segments from the P2P network, aside from those that received from the CDN. There are many different types of players and OVPs. We have made several guides to help with the installation of the script. 

Using the API KEY available on the Control Panel, follow the guide that corresponds to your video player.

Web Players

Online Video Platforms


Once you add the script, check if it is working. First, open a window that has your video player and Teltoo’s script, and play the video. Then go to the dashboard. Once inside, go to explore. The explore menu gives you a complete insight into how the CDN offload is performing. Wait a few seconds after starting playback and reload the page. If you can see traffic and a user count, this means that you have successfully integrated Teltoo.

3. Activate Global peering

Finally, we have to activate the CDN offload. To do this, go to the Control Panel option in your dashboard. The first setting is called Global P2P Switch. Activate this switch.

Now Teltoo is ready and will start to work with your video. 

Note: To check if the integration worked properly, go to the Control Panel option in your dashboard. If statistics are being measured and thus being displayed, the integration has been completed successfully.

There are many more settings and options that can be changed and activated to customize how Teltoo performs. We encourage you to continue reading the documentation to find out what more can be done.

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