Server-Side Ad Insertion

Server-side ad insertion (SSAI) places ad video segments inside the playlist (e.g., manifest file). Ad video segments are usually preferred to NOT go through Teltoo. This is to ensure that every ad hits the original ad server. This allows the ad service provider to monitor the ad accurately and collect data. 

To keep ads from going through Teltoo, we need to identify which video segments are ads and which are not. Typically, the URL of the ad segments points to the ad origin CDN or server, which is different from the rest. We will configure Teltoo to ignore segments with such a URL pattern.

Video segments that match the Passthrough URL regex will not go through Teltoo. They will be fetched from the origin CDN or server. 

The following is an example of how to define a Passthrough URL:*

This only applies to ads that are part of an activated playlist given that other playlist’s video segments will never go through Teltoo in any case.

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