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Restrict Upstream Usage

Restrict Upstream Usage by Type of Device and Network

Sergio Díaz-Miguel Coca

One of the most frequent concerns we get from our customers is how our decentralized video delivery network behaves on mobile devices and cellular networks.

These concerns come mainly from the fact that, in some countries, cellular data plans can incur in extra charges when upstream bandwidth is in use.

Teltoo takes care of this by detecting the type of network and device and allowing usage of upstream bandwidth only in the case where mobile devices are connected to WiFi networks.

However, we wanted to apply the deepest level of flexibility and control to this feature to make it able to adapt to many different scenarios. Also, thanks to the HTML5 Information Network API we have made this available even for in-browser playbacks!

Now you can choose which type of devices will be allowed to use the upstream bandwidth and under which type of networks, to the finest detail. The default behavior of Teltoo’s upstream usage is as per the table below, but we leave it up to you if you need to change it at any time.

Device Type Type of Networks Allowed to Upstream
Tablet Ethernet Wifi Wimax
Mobile Ethernet Wifi Wimax
“Unknown” Ethernet Wifi Wimax
Other Ethernet Wifi Wimax Unknown

Unknown: non-recognized devices or networks

Other: any other device

This introduces complexities such as taking care of handovers when a device changes from a cellular network to a WiFi network and so forth. But don’t worry, all of that is constantly checked and handled by Teltoo’s middleware in real-time.

And, speaking of real-time, anytime you make an adjustment in your config for this, all of the connected devices will update their behavior immediately. Right after a few clicks in Teltoo’s Control Panel!

As you probably know, we excel on giving you full real-time control on how you want the network to behave. One of our controls already gives you the possibility to limit the amount of upstream bandwidth to be used per device. Don’t worry, any policy you set in that manner will still always be honored.

We are always looking for feedback and crave to hear your suggestions, so do not hesitate to let us know what you think.

About the author

Sergio is co-founder & CPO of Teltoo, whose software-only decentralized video delivery technology helps live-streaming providers to improve quality and optimize delivery costs. Passionate coder since the early age of 12. He has 15+ years of experience in high tech R&D in the Telecommunication industry. Passionate about turning research efforts into early impact market products. Example of such are rock solid radio communication systems, innovative robotic interfaces and massive audience video delivery networks. Sergio holds a MSc. in Telecommunication Engineering with stages in five different universities world wide.