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Instantly Scales
on Demand

Now, there's no need to overprovision servers for unpredictable spikes in video demand. Teltoo’s video delivery network optimizes your existing CDN infrastructure so that it instantly scales to handle the bandwidth you need when you need it. Teltoo turns your audience into part of the solution. As your network grows, Teltoo becomes more powerful thereby increasing your ability to deliver better customer experiences.

Reduce CDN Spend

Due to the explosion of video content, massive infrastructure investments are needed to solve the unpredictable spikes in video demand that frequently happen. Teltoo instantly offloads up to 85% of your CDN usage which reduces your CDN spend and CAPEX investments.

Zero Customer Disruptions,
Maximum Satisfaction

No apps, no plugins and no customer disruptions. Your viewers will enjoy seamless high-quality video sessions and an improved quality of service.

Works with Your
Existing Workflow

No need to rip and replace your existing infrastructure. Teltoo works with your existing CDN or multi CDN configuration. You don't need any agreements with your current CDN to use Teltoo.

Deploy in <30 Minutes
No Development Required

Built by developers for simplicity. Quickly deploy without custom code or wasted development cycles. Integrates with all major video players.

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  3. Paste script in video player
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Mitchell Ashley

President and General Manager / Kyrio 

"We have rigorously tested Teltoo and it's a fast and simple integration that requires a minimum of technical know-how."

Full Flexibility and

Powerful controls and dashboards let you fine-tune your video streaming network in real-time so you can maximize savings and enhance quality of service for your users.

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