Integration with Kaltura

Method 1: Using Kaltura Management Console
Next Generation

This is the recommended way to integrate Teltoo with Kaltura players, there is however a second method explained later on, when you do not have access to the Kaltura Management Console.

If you are using the Kaltura Management Console Next Generation ( ), Teltoo is configured on a per-player basis.

To configure Teltoo to be used by a player:

  1. On the top-left bar click on STUDIO
  1. Select or create a Player
  2. On the player setup page click on the plugins button
  1. Now click on the “Import Plugin” button
  1. Paste your Teltoo plugin configuration line and click on “Import” button. Remember to replace the values of TS_HOST and TELTOO_API_KEY with the one’s assigned to you on account creation
  1. You can check if plugin was properly imported by opening the “UI Variables” panel

Now you can embed your player with the code provided by Kaltura with no further configuration. The following is an example:

<div id="kaltura_player_1554909321" style="width: 700px; height: 393px;"></div>
  "targetId": "kaltura_player_1554909321",
  "wid": "_2532611",
  "uiconf_id": 43982931,
  "flashvars": {},
  "cache_st": 1554909321,
  "entry_id": "1_li49bfta"

Method 2: Programmatically using JavaScript

Create the settings which will contain the plugin location among other parameters. This settings var should look similar to the following code:

var settings = {
//This line adds your custom plugin "teltoo": { //This line turn on the plugin "plugin": true, //This line sets the plugin file path "iframeHTML5Js": "//TS_HOST/kaltura-teltoo/kaltura-teltoo.min.js", "teltoo_url": "//TS_HOST/teltoo.js", “teltoo_api_key: “TELTOO_API_KEY” } }; 

Note that the relevant option here is teltoo to be set.[br] If you are planning to stream live, which works best with Teltoo technology, then you should set these options too:

settings.mediaProxy.meta = {
    "type": 7,
    "hlsStreamUrl":  "{{object.video_stream}}"
//enable liveCore plugin, without 'api based is-stream-live checks':
settings.liveCore = {
    "plugin": true,
    "disableLiveCheck": true

After the settings var is defined, you can create the player by embedding the following widget where kaltura_player is the id of the HTML tag for the actual player.

   "wid": KALTURA_WID,
   "uiconf_id": KALTURA_UICONF_ID,
   "flashvars": settings

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