Integrate Teltoo into your Video Player

Teltoo integration differs depending on the video player that you use. We currently provide integrations with the following web video players:

  1. Video.js -
  2. JW Player -
  3. Shaka Player -
  4. Bitmovin Video Player -
  5. Kaltura Player -
  6. Ooyala Player -

If you use another web video player, including a custom video player, you will need to integrate Teltoo using our HTML5 SDK . Contact our team or send us an email at for assistance and further documentation.

In this document, we use the string “ TS_HOST ” to denote the Teltoo scripts host. This is the name of the host that contains Teltoo scripts. Depending on the region this host may be different, so if you don’t have your Teltoo scripts Host already, please request it from your contact or at

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