This guide explains how to setup Teltoo’s decentralized technology to deliver your media content.

Create your Teltoo Account

You can request a new account either via your contact at Teltoo or at, to be granted with an account, you must provide:

  • Account Name and Last Name
  • A contact/user email

Upon account creation, the Teltoo team will facilitate the following information:

  • An email with a link to generate your password to access the Teltoo dashboard
  • A link to Teltoo’s dashboard
  • A Teltoo API Key to configure your player
  • A customized domain to get Teltoo’s required scripts ( TS_HOST )

When all the steps above are completed, you could get access to your dashboard and configure and manage your account.

Adding Playlists

Once in the dashboard, you could enable the playlists you want to activate and be used with Teltoo’s technology. The playlists can be configured in the “ Control Panel ” section of Teltoo’s dashboard. To activate them, you only have to add the streams’ URLs for the playlist you want to enable.

In this document, we use the string “ TS_HOST ” to denote the Teltoo scripts host. This is the name of the host that contains Teltoo scripts. Depending on the region this host may be different, so if you don’t have your Teltoo scripts Host already, please request it from your contact or at

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