Your server/CDN hosting the media content must have a CORS configuration that allows the player domain to access the stream content’s domain (if they are different). This is a requirement for any HTML5 playback, not a Teltoo-specific requirement.  Therefore, you would typically have this configuration already in place. However, for reference, if you have an origin server and a CDN, you will need to make sure both support the right CORS headers.


For wide-open CORS:

Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *

To open CORS, open to your website domain (e.g.

Access-Control-Allow-Origin: <your_website_domain>

Browsers accept only one CORS domain, so if your server returns this line several times, the browser’s AJAX requests will fail.

Further reading

CORS is not specific to Teltoo; it is the specification used to load resources from different domains. For more information about how JavaScript/HTML5 accesses resources across multiple domains, see the CORS’ website here.

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