Control Panel Configurations

Global P2P Switch

After you integrate Teltoo with your player and add a playlist, it will be ready to use. This switch allows you to manually enable or disable peering globally. In other words, media segments will not be shared between devices when off, allowing you to activate or deactivate CDN offload. 

Traffic measurements and analytics of the added playlists will still be tracked at all times, whether the Global P2P Switch is enabled or disabled. To disable monitoring, you also need to disable each playlist individually.

Device activation rules

Teltoo provides the option to control basic device activation policies. By default, Teltoo disables upstream bandwidth usage in devices connected to cellular networks. However, these will still benefit from downloading content via P2P. This panel allows you to alter the device activation rules.

This setting defines under which conditions mobile devices can be seeders (video uploaders). This can be configured for each device depending on the device’s network.

Devices are classified into the following categories:

  • Mobile and tablets: mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets
  • PCs & others: desktop PCs, Laptops, or Smart TVs

Any of the devices that do not have the standards required by Teltoo to function (WebRTC, MSE…) will never be activated, and Teltoo will not monitor them or interfere with its usual delivery methods.

The different types of networks are:

  • Ethernet: Devices using the ethernet interface to connect
  • WiFi: Devices connecting to the internet wirelessly using WiFi
  • Cellular & others: Connections made using a cellular network (3G, LTE, 4G), Bluetooth, WIMAX, VPN, Mixed (using multiple connection types), and other (unknown connection types)

IMPORTANT: note that mobile devices will always benefit from downloading content from other peer devices in the network, and therefore help to offload the CDN. This config only affects the usage of the upstream bandwidth.

Account Settings


The script requires this API key to activate and connect the player to Teltoo’s P2P network in order to complete the integration with your player.

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