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AndroidTV Teltoo
Pablo Hesse

AndroidTV is Shaping the Future of TV for Operators

Why AndroidTV can make the difference One of the highlights of IBC 2019 was Google's announcement of two new devices designed for the operators’ market One of them, a dongle with 4K capabilities, facilitates the adoption of OTT, which is a topic that is always circulating during meetings of the operators’ top executives As we highlighted in our announcement with TV Up Media, OTT is the future of TV, but there are some challenges operators must overcome to make it become a reality At the AndroidTV Summit, Google promised to ease the path of transition  With more than 140 operators in...

Sergio Díaz-Miguel Coca

Teltoo Activation Sets

Some of our customers are demanding features to define the different regions or profiles in which to enable Teltoo This gives them more flexibility and granularity when deciding which devices should start fetching the video from our decentralized video delivery network Some of the reasons for this are due to networking restrictions in certain rural areas, CDN nodes availabilities or even ISP performances This is why we have defined and launched the concept of Activation Sets Now you can create an Activation Set and give it a name (eg: “Denver HQ Offices” or “Liverpool Service Group”)...

CDN Offload
José D. Vázquez

The Benefits of CDN Offload

At Teltoo our objective is helping our customers succeed so we are building the tools for delivery where it matters most Using CDN offload we can help you achieve your objectives, such as providing the best Quality of Experience (QoE) to your viewers, building the most reliable delivery infrastructure that can handle any amount of (unexpected) traffic, or reducing costs associated with content distribution  The benefits that CDN offload provides don’t require complex changes in your video streaming workflow They can be deployed within a matter of minutes This post will explore this...

End to End Testing
Jorge Madrid

Automated End-to-End Multi-Remote Testing Using Webdriverio and Selenium

Gone are the days of being gathered around the family TV in the living room to watch the big broadcast event of the week Today, consumers are accessing their content through smartphones, tablets, and computers, at home and on the go, with or without a WiFi connection Times they are a-changing, and because our goal is to keep our customers’ customers happy, it’s important to us that our testing can cope with all of these scenarios – and more As with any stable software product, unit tests are the solid foundation of our codebase However,  we are always confronted with a reality...