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Restrict Upstream Usage
Sergio Díaz-Miguel Coca

Restrict Upstream Usage by Type of Device and Network

One of the most frequent concerns we get from our customers is how our decentralized video delivery network behaves on mobile devices and cellular networks These concerns come mainly from the fact that, in some countries, cellular data plans can incur in extra charges when upstream bandwidth is in use Teltoo takes care of this by detecting the type of network and device and allowing usage of upstream bandwidth only in the case where mobile devices are connected to WiFi networks However, we wanted to apply the deepest level of flexibility and control to this feature to make it able to adapt...

End to End Testing
Jorge Madrid

Automated End-to-End Multi-Remote Testing Using Webdriverio and Selenium

Gone are the days of being gathered around the family TV in the living room to watch the big broadcast event of the week Today, consumers are accessing their content through smartphones, tablets, and computers, at home and on the go, with or without a WiFi connection Times they are a-changing, and because our goal is to keep our customers’ customers happy, it’s important to us that our testing can cope with all of these scenarios – and more As with any stable software product, unit tests are the solid foundation of our codebase However,  we are always confronted with a reality...

Pablo Hesse

From Madrid to Boulder: Insights for International Relocation and Growth

In 2018, I moved my late-stage, formerly Madrid-based startup to Boulder, Colorado – a new city, country and market over 5,000 miles away The move was bold – the best business moves usually are – and afforded my growing startup increased visibility, interest and funding, plus a new standing in an optimal market for our technology This journey into the US market has taught me valuable lessons to keep in mind when leading a budding startup and planning the next steps for scaling to a global audience Keep reading on...

cdn strategy
Pablo Hesse

The Super Bowl: Live Streaming’s Bellwether for Performance and Demand

Every year, millions of fans worldwide sit down in front of their screens to watch one of the most popular sporting events of the year: the Super Bowl Surpassed in popularity only by the World Cup, UEFA Euro Cup, and the Olympic Games, the Super Bowl takes over media and online conversations for days (or even weeks) Another demographic is getting into the game, too: for the past few years, streaming analysts have come to treat the Super Bowl as the bellwether for live streaming performance and demand Right after the football ends, a different game begins: were there major glitches...