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José D. Vázquez

The state of HTML video players

Video is, unquestionably, the fastest-growing content format, making it critical for content providers to create an online video platform to satisfy this demand Of course, an essential choice in building such a platform is deciding which video player to use, and in the last three years of servicing national and international content distributors, we’ve found that one of the most commonly asked questions is how to choose a video player  Although there is a wide range of video players to choose from, there are only a few main players in the market, with high fragmentation among the...

Sergio Díaz-Miguel Coca

Teltoo Runs on TV Apps as Well

More and more of our customers are making their streaming apps available for TV form factor devices (such as Smart TV’s, Set-Top-Boxes, etc) In fact, Android TV has seen a 100% year-over-year growth in app availability [1] Hence, why your current video streaming apps for TV come available with Teltoo natively Today, Teltoo is supported in over 250 different models of TV form factor devices that are manufactured with Android TV Such as Philips, Sharp, Sony, BenQ, TVUp or Xiaomi to name a few Some of our customer ISPs are already taking advantage of this, making their live home TV...

Sports Streaming - NFHS Network - Teltoo
Jose Chudoba

NFHS Network Makes Streaming High School Sports Possible

When it comes to sports, they are taken seriously at every level You will find the same passion from fans and athletes at a high school football game, as you would in the NFL Likewise, the business corresponding to each level is consistent Just as fans don’t want to miss any moment of their favorite team’s game at the professional level, parents, friends, and scouts, likewise, don’t want to miss out on the big moments at other levels of the sport That is why companies such as PlayOn! Sports and the NFHS Network exist  PlayOn! Sports, a client of Teltoo since August 2019,...

Video Delivery Nunchee and Teltoo
José D. Vázquez

Nunchee Integrates Teltoo as Part of Their OTT Service to Optimize Their Customer’s Video Delivery

Nunchee and Teltoo, both part of the Wayra Startup Ecosystem, announced a new partnership to optimize content distribution Nunchee will, by integrating Teltoo’s SDK to its OTT platform, allow its customers to make use of Teltoo’s decentralized distribution network  The Nunchee team brings a game-changing service With them, anyone from content creators to broadcasters looking to launch an OTT platform within a small time frame can, with Nunchee, achieve this in less than 24 hours Thus, including native branded apps, cloud encoding, payment gateways, adserver, among others The...