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Dr. Abdul Rehman SSIMWAVE // Teltoo
Jose Chudoba

An Interview with Dr. Abdul Rehman: Eliminate the Guesswork Between Creation and Consumption

In the latest interview of our series, we talked with Dr Abdul Rehman, CEO and co-founder of SSIMWAVE, about the various stages of digital video delivery Q: Who are you and what does SSIMWAVE do A: We are an entrepreneurial group of scientists, software engineers and business professionals who are fascinated with perfecting digital video delivery We develop software solutions to help studios, content providers, streaming services, broadcasters and MVPDs reliably deliver video quality levels that subscribers expect, while preserving the artistic intent We mapped the human visual system...

José D. Vázquez

An Interview with Marty Roberts: Transforming Data into a Story

In our recent interview with Marty Roberts, Wicket Labs' CEO, we explored a broad range of topics From how to use viewership data in streaming, to machine learning and the future of the industry Q: What do you guys do A: We focus on telling a story with data so you can really understand what's going on with your business and what actions to take, based on where your business stands today Essentially, we help to answer questions such as: When should I be talking to my audience How do I better convert them so they become subscribers How do I save a particular audience member if they're...