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Video Delivery
Jose Chudoba

Liberty Global Decentralizes it’s Peak Time Video Distribution

Built on a long time relationship, Liberty Global recognized the value of Teltoo back in 2016, during their Virgin Media Techstars accelerator program From the moment we were introduced, both Liberty Global and Teltoo strived for the same end game To enhance the video quality and overall experience for viewers around the globe Over time that goal has become not only a reality, but the future of streaming By combining our peer-to-peer technology, with Liberty Global’s vast operations, this partnership is meant for the viewers… Read more on how Liberty Global and Teltoo are teaming...

CDN Offload
José D. Vázquez

The Benefits of CDN Offload

At Teltoo our objective is helping our customers succeed so we are building the tools for delivery where it matters most Using CDN offload we can help you achieve your objectives, such as providing the best Quality of Experience (QoE) to your viewers, building the most reliable delivery infrastructure that can handle any amount of (unexpected) traffic, or reducing costs associated with content distribution  The benefits that CDN offload provides don’t require complex changes in your video streaming workflow They can be deployed within a matter of minutes This post will explore this...

cdn strategy
Pablo Hesse

The Super Bowl: Live Streaming’s Bellwether for Performance and Demand

Every year, millions of fans worldwide sit down in front of their screens to watch one of the most popular sporting events of the year: the Super Bowl Surpassed in popularity only by the World Cup, UEFA Euro Cup, and the Olympic Games, the Super Bowl takes over media and online conversations for days (or even weeks) Another demographic is getting into the game, too: for the past few years, streaming analysts have come to treat the Super Bowl as the bellwether for live streaming performance and demand Right after the football ends, a different game begins: were there major glitches...

live streaming video
Pablo Hesse

A Sustainable Internet Begins With Live Streaming Video

Teltoo was founded in Madrid, Spain back in 2016 by three co-founders Miguel Coronado and I met when we co-founded a startup called Tiedots in 2014, and we both met Sergio D Coca through the growing tech scene in Madrid After many conversations, we realized that we all share one shared vision: maximizing the use of existing resources by making the Internet infinitely scalable and entirely sustainable We were born with the Internet, so for us, it is difficult to understand a world without the benefits of instant communication, e-commerce, video on demand, live streaming and all kinds of...