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Teltoo New Logo
Pablo Hesse

An Evolution of Our Old Logo

When you think of a company such as Apple or Nike, the first thing that comes to mind is their logo Whether you like to admit it or not, it impacts your opinion on the product and your ultimate decision on buying it A company is recognized, before everything else, by its logo Since Teltoo began, our brand image has been the same one that was designed by myself, back in 2016 Although we have grown fond of our logo, as every company does when they start, we decided it was time for a change  We wanted a revamped design that portrayed our growth and successes since that first drawing...

Video Delivery
Jose Chudoba

Liberty Global Decentralizes it’s Peak Time Video Distribution

Built on a long time relationship, Liberty Global recognized the value of Teltoo back in 2016, during their Virgin Media Techstars accelerator program From the moment we were introduced, both Liberty Global and Teltoo strived for the same end game To enhance the video quality and overall experience for viewers around the globe Over time that goal has become not only a reality, but the future of streaming By combining our peer-to-peer technology, with Liberty Global’s vast operations, this partnership is meant for the viewers… Read more on how Liberty Global and Teltoo are teaming...

Safety Net Scalability
José D. Vázquez

Scale or Fail: Using a Safety Net to Deal with Flash Crowds

Quality of experience can make or break your video platform A bad experience will push viewers towards the competition This is especially true during live events A consistent and satisfactory experience is critical to retain viewers With live streaming audiences on the rise, and more and more potential viewers every day, this is becoming a harder task  A live event can have an abrupt and unexpected rise in the number of viewers at any moment As viewers increase, so do the issues that can disturb their experience, such as rebuffering, prolonged load times, or even playback failure...

P2P Latency Diagram
José D. Vázquez

Does P2P CDN Offload Add Latency to Live Video?

Our team works closely with our customers, listening and understanding their needs We use this to provide solutions that have value to them One of the questions we hear frequently is whether our network adds latency to live streams In short, no, and we’ll take this opportunity to explain how we avoid doing so Comprehending video streaming As video content moves through the different processes of a streaming workflow, such as encoding, packaging, or delivery, the latency increases One of the fears is that integrating our network will result in higher latency With the industry moving...