Adding Playlists

Playlist Activation

This allows for added playlists to go through Teltoo’s decentralized delivery.

Adding a new playlist

To add a new playlist, select “Add other playlist”. This will open the following menu:

Playlist settings

Name: A descriptive name to identify the name of the playlist

Playlist: The URL of the playlist (.m3u8 or .mpd manifest file) of your HLS/DASH stream that will go through Teltoo

: Switch button to easily enable/disable monitoring and delivery of video/audio segments through Teltoo. If the playlist is disabled, Teltoo will be deactivated entirely for those playbacks

: Deletes a playlist from Teltoo’s database

Note that activating and deactivating a playlist will affect every video session that is playing that stream, regardless of whether the stream has started playing or is a newly-joining device. This ensures that the settings apply to every device in real-time and not just new sessions.

Advanced Playlist Configuration

The advanced dashboard configuration enables further parameter configuration. This is available per playlist.

Each playlist will have a settings icon on the right as shown in the following image. This button will pop up a window with advanced settings:

Settings available

Aside from the main settings available – name and playlist – there are also the following:

Activation ratio: A percentage that defines the ratio of users that are allowed to take part in Teltoo’s network. In other words, the proportion of users that will be able to connect and become a peer in the P2P network. The default and recommended value for this parameter is 100%, but an adjustment might be valuable for customers interested in a progressive rollout.

Activation Sets: you can optionally define what we call Activation Sets. These are a set of users to which to apply this playlist configuration.
To learn more about Activation Sets you can read the following product update article:

Activation Set Criteria: indicates whether those Activations Sets are expected to either be activated or excluded from Teltoo P2P Network.

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