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A Sustainable Internet Begins With Live Streaming Video

Pablo Hesse

Teltoo was founded in Madrid, Spain back in 2016 by three co-founders. Miguel Coronado and I met when we co-founded a startup called Tiedots in 2014, and we both met Sergio D. Coca through the growing tech scene in Madrid. After many conversations, we realized that we all share one shared vision: maximizing the use of existing resources by making the Internet infinitely scalable and entirely sustainable.

We were born with the Internet, so for us, it is difficult to understand a world without the benefits of instant communication, e-commerce, video on demand, live streaming and all kinds of digital entertainment. At the same time, we know that the Internet was never designed to transfer media through its antiquated protocols developed decades ago. Simply put, from our perspective the Internet was broken.

But the reality of what is now happening is different from our vision and the realities of the legacy infrastructure. Mainstream audiences now want to view live content, like sports, from devices anywhere they wish. Internet-based OTT video services are replacing traditional broadcasters. All of these new and growing Internet-based services result in more energy consumption and massive infrastructure deployments to try and handle the exploding demand. The only answer the industry has given to the growing demands has always been to deploy more hardware – a non-sustainable and outdated answer to a modern problem.

As a generation that grew up interested in both the Internet and ecological awareness, it was clear we had to get involved in the problem. We approached this problem with software.
Our solution was to create technologies that could enable people to transmit anything, to anyone, anywhere, at the instant it is needed while always being respectful of our planet’s resources.

We know that demands for video, data, and content are unstoppable, and software is the enabler for faster and more scalable communications, but it is also the enabler to maximize hardware’s lifespan. It provides the intersection needed to solve the problem and reflect our values in the products we design.

It looks evident that Internet (OTT) TV will replace traditional TV, so our short-term mission is to set a new global standard for live streaming delivery that provides sustainable technologies at reasonable bandwidth costs.

Our history is still short, but remaining true to our values and beliefs we expect to deliver state-of-the-art products that can create value for all our stakeholders and reinvent the way content moves between people and devices.

About the author

Pablo is co-founder & CEO of Teltoo, whose software-only decentralized video delivery technology helps live-streaming providers to improve quality and optimize delivery costs. He has over a decade of experience in sales, business development, marketing, and consulting with companies including Hewlett Packard, Capgemini, and Novartis. He also has an MBA from EADA Business School in Barcelona. He has become deeply involved in the Colorado tech scene, having moved his business from his hometown of Madrid, Spain to Denver after graduating from the UpRamp Fiterator, an accelerator for later-stage startups.