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Setting the Global Standard for Video Streaming Delivery

Next-Gen Technology for Infinitely Scalable & Sustainable Internet Delivery

Teltoo enables large audience video delivery while minimizing unpredictable network bandwidth spikes using peer-to-peer and WebRTC technologies. Teltoo also optimizes delivery using real-time analytics for feedback on network and endpoint performance.

Advanced Peer-to-Peer

Peer-to-peer (P2P) technology allows video delivery to scale naturally as audiences grow. As more and more viewers begin watching a live stream or popular VOD asset, CDNs provide the adaptive bitrate content delivery that builds the playback manifest file, but then through the use of real-time communications, peers begin sharing video segments with each other independently from the CDN. This decentralized data delivery system relieves video traffic congestion throughout the network. More viewers equal more peers, which can dramatically reduce CDN bandwidth needed to reach your entire audience – even for popular live or on demand content.

WebRTC for Secure Peering​

Teltoo’s advanced P2P algorithms leverage the WebRTC protocol for highly-secure, encrypted browser-to-browser communication of video segments between peers, without installing plugins. This creates a distributed network for scalable video streaming that augments your content delivery strategy – providing a superb overall user experience while significantly reducing CDN bandwidth.

​Teltoo optimizes video delivery for your viewers by solving unpredictable bandwidth spikes and geographic abnormalities, improving stream speed and rebuffering, and increasing available bandwidth to more effectively deliver higher bitrate content (even for 4K/UHD). Requirements such as geo-blocking, ABR, ad insertion, and DRM all remain intact when leveraging the Teltoo platform.

​The technologies behind WebRTC are implemented as an open web standard and are universally available as regular JavaScript APIs in all major browsers (including Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Opera), making WebRTC cross-platform and transparent to end-users.

Real-time Analytics

Teltoo’s P2P technology provides real-time tracking of viewer behavior, network statistics, and quality metrics such as bitrate stability. An understanding of these metrics is critical to the success of a streaming solution. With Teltoo, the combination or peer-to-peer and WebRTC, along with real-time network/endpoint analytics ensures that your viewers get a high-quality experience without requiring changes to you CDN or multi-CDN delivery network.

​With simple SDK integration requiring nothing but a few lines of JavaScript, your users can begin benefiting from an optimized high-quality streaming experience in just a few minutes.​​

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Teltoo Benefits

For Telcos​​​

For telcos and operators that need to add flexibility to their internal CDN systems in the moments that matter the most.​​​

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For Media Companies​​​

For media companies that need to increase the quality of their video delivery (live or VOD) while reducing CDN/distribution bandwidth charges.​​​

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For Enterprises​​​​

For enterprises that want to stream private events and reduce the need for dedicated internet downstream or CDNs in the building​​​.

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