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As streaming video bandwidth explodes, operators, broadcasters and OTT providers need to move from multi-CDN strategies to more modern and sustainable delivery solutions. Teltoo's decentralized video delivery technology reduces CDN spend, increases quality of service, fits with your existing workflow and scales on demand to solve unpredictable bandwidth spikes - all without deploying more servers.

Built for the Uncertainty of Live

Instantly Scales on Demand

Get more from the hardware you already have deployed by optimizing your existing CDN infrastructure.

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Reduce CDN Spend

Instantly offload up to 85% of your CDN usage. Dramatically reduce CAPEX and CDN costs while improving QoE.

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Zero Disruptions, Maximum Satisfaction

Deploy without apps or plugins. Your viewers won't notice anything other than broadcast quality streaming.

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Fits with Your Existing Workflow

Enhances your existing tech stack. No need to rip and replace your current infrastructure.

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Deploy in <30 Minutes
No Development Required

Built by developers for simplicity. Quickly deploy without custom code or wasted development cycles. Integrates with all major video players.

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Full Flexibility and

Powerful controls and dashboards let you fine-tune your video streaming network in real-time so you can maximize savings and enhance quality of service for your users.

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